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Support for patients, caregivers, and physicians

Amgen Assist 360™ is a single place for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to go to find the support, tools, and resources most important to them.*


Amgen reimbursement Counselors

Connect today with an Amgen Reimbursement Counselor, or schedule a visit with a Field Reimbursement Specialist.

Patient resource guide

Find co-pay and reimbursement resources* for patients with different kinds of insurance, or no insurance at all.

Benefit verification

Amgen Reimbursement Counselors can assist with submitting, storing, and retrieving benefit verifications for anyone currently on an Amgen product.

Patients and Caregivers

If you have questions about your Amgen medicine, how it may be covered by your insurance, or resources within your community, start here.

Find Answers

Healthcare Professionals

A single place to find support, tools, and resources* for patients who have been prescribed an Amgen medicine.

Find Information

*Resources include referrals to independent nonprofit patient assistance programs. Eligibility for resources provided by independent nonprofit patient assistance programs is based on the nonprofits’ criteria. Amgen has no control over these programs and provides referrals as a courtesy only.